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Atramental has moved to Asikere Afana

April 8, 2012

This website has moved to


Pat McGrath Make Up Artist OG

June 8, 2011

A mainstay in all the major show. Pat McGrath teaching us how to make spidey lashes.

Atramental Blog Has Moved!

December 20, 2010

In case you were wondering where we went. Atramental has moved to two new blogs:

Asikere Afana at:

And You Luck Bird at:

Visit us at our new home soon 🙂

Work of Art: Friend Abdi Co-signed by Sarah Jessica Parker

August 25, 2010

So the person pictured above enjoying himself at a BBQ we had in our front yard in Philly in 2008 just as I was about to graduate is a cool cat named Abdi Farrah, who i went to university with. He just won the first Series of a Fine Arts Reality show on Bravo called Work of Art, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Abdi is one of only few people I know who literally LIVES their craft. He always had a painting in his dorm somewhere, was walking around with one, or helping some Philly youte with their art. I remember going into the dungeon/basement of our college dorm -DuBois represent – to get stuff into storage once, and their he was amidst the concrete and cockroaches painting up a storm. lol.

I was so excited when I found out that he was on the show that I spent hours literally trying to watch it online, to no avail since my Canadian IP address blocked it 🙂 Abdi even went as far as to agree to give me a play by play of each show as i looked at pictures from the American Bravo site (the only thing I could view online). We finally got the show is Canada, the finale is airing on Bravo on Saturday (Aug 28th). But I already know that he won thanks to the wonders of facebook. Congrats Abdi!! You so deserve it.

Check out his portfolio here:

And the show online (for Canadians) here:

Queen Godis Spoken Word and Ancient Dopeness

August 3, 2010

I fell off of spoken word poetry for a minute. It was getting to be too monotonous, and the slam formula was getting to me. But this right here, this drop by the emcee/singer/poet Queen Godis is nothing like I’ve ever heard before. So much wordplay. I was told I have to take her in real slow. Pause, rewind, play, pause and rewind.

I also just love her aesthetic. Flowing locs to the side. This video below (sound quality kinda poor) looking like it was taken straight out of a 1970s Earth Wind and Fire album shoot. Lovin it. Plus she talks about having the poetry name “Queen” in a way that is so grounded by saying she is really just the Queen of herself. Plus, plus in the video below the one below she talks about the changes in the world, transitions, and things I’ve been feeling and a bit preoccupied with in my own mind for a few months if not years. So beautiful. Ancient Fabolosity.

m.i.a. & Diary of Fashionologists

July 23, 2010

Oh wow,

I haven’t posted for a hot minute. Partially because my internet at home isn’t working and because it’s summer. I do have a bunch of style pics to share though. The one you see here is of the outfit I wore that day when I was stopped on Queen street by a lady who runs the blog

She does what I’ve been planning on doing for a minute. Taking picture of great fashion aroud the city. I’m going to be more hardcore with it now. Always bring my camera and have some slips of paper with this blog addy so people don’t think I’m a creepo. My need to do this really hit home yesterday when I saw a trio of some fierce fashionistas chilling on a couch in the home decor section of Urban Outfitter yesterday. Of course I didn’t have my camera so I had to admire quietly and walk on by. The second homerun was today when I saw a girl on Queen in a cute pocka dot shirt, shorts and some docs. Let her slide too since I forgot the blog addys, which I just finished printing and cutting.

Blah. Anywho lady from D.o.F wanted to take a pic of me but ran into the same sort of preparedness problem – her camera was broken when she tried to snap the shot. So I decided to help her out when I got home and take a pic myself.

Belt – from somewhere I can’t remember, shirt – from Value Village at Keele & Rogers (we need to talk about that bit of amazingness a little later) shorts -h&m, shoes – kensiegirl, bag – Zara

New Jewelry: The Kemba Necklace

June 24, 2010

Here’s a necklace I made today. I’ve been sewing and searching for patterns so my posts have been a little spotty. But jumpsuits are to come. I just order two patterns for them, each with variations so excited. Plus I have some friends headed to the Mother Land with some cash of mine in their pockets to pick up new fabric.

This necklace was made for one of my friends making the journey. It’s super special because she’s the one who gave me my sewing machine, which she wasn’t using. I call the necklace “The Kemba” after her. I hope you enjoy. I want one for myself now!